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Your Rhode Island Lottery
Through the Years
First drawing 1973
November 1973 - Constitutional amendment passes by more than a three to one margin to create a lottery.
First RI Lottery Retailer 1974
March 1974 - Legislation passes to start the Lottery, with the stated purpose of the Rhode Island Lottery revenue being used to make up for the revenue lost from allowing the value of a trade-in automobile toward the sales tax liability on a new automobile.
May 1974 - First ticket for "The Lot" is sold for 50¢.
May 1974 - Lottery's first drawing, "The Lot" game, is held at the State House.
First drawing
Chance of a Lifetime game 1975
January 1975 - "Chance of a Life Time" game goes on sale.
June 1975 - The "Grand Lot" game begins with televised drawings.
June 1975 - The first fiscal year ended with a total transfer of $5,660,000 to the State's General Fund.
August 1975 - Rhode Island Lottery created "Lotto" specifically for the first televised Lottery Show.
The Grand Lot
First Game show
First Numbers Drawing 1976
February 1976 - The "Numbers" game begins with live, televised drawings.
May 1976 - Rhode Island Lottery introduces its first Instant Ticket, "Play Ball", for $1.
September 1976 - "Lots of Luck" game is launched.
Play Ball
Lots of Luck
Double Bingo 1977
January 1977 - "Double Bingo" Instant Game launches. Features two games -- green and gold -- and costs $1.
The Numbers 1978
February 1978 - The Rhode Island Lottery implements on-line terminal sales of the "Numbers" game, doubling sales.
Grand Lot 1979
December 1979 - The new "Grand Lot" game goes on sale with a chance to win $20,000. The super drawing is eliminated in favor of more prize money.
Football 1980
September 1980 - "Instant Football", the first Instant Game to offer players the chance to win $25,000 instantly, goes on sale.
4-40 Game 1981
Spring 1981 - The Lottery's first lotto-type game, "4/40", goes on sale.
4-40 Jackpot Winners 1982
August 1982 - "4/40 Jackpot" winners, Antonio Carreira (l.) and his wife Natalia of East Providence, win $240,589 - the largest prize amount in the game's history.
4-47 Game 1983
Fall 1983 - The "4/47" game replaces the "4/40" game.
Loto Bucks ticket 1984
Fall 1984 - "Lot-O-Bucks" game is introduced replacing the "4/47".
Lotto Bucks Billboard 1985
June 1985 - The "LOT O BUCKS" billboard on I 95 creates new awareness for the Rhode Island Lottery.
RI 350 Instant Game 1986
July 1986 - The "RI 350" Instant Game is introduced to celebrate Rhode Island's 350th anniversary with a top prize of $35,000. The game helps finance many of the state's celebration activities.
Johnny Most 1987
September 1987 - Rhode Island Lottery is a founding member of the Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL), formed to allow smaller states the ability to offer higher prizes.
March 1987 - Veteran sportscaster Johnny Most records a radio commercial for the "Fast Break" Instant Game.
Lotto America 1988
February 1988 - Tickets for the MUSL's first game, "Lotto*America", go on sale.
6/54 Game 1989
February 1989 - "LOTTO AMERICA'S" first anniversary. Matrix changes to match six out of 54 numbers and a second weekly drawing is added.
July 1989 - The "Quahogs" Instant Ticket, with artwork done by Don Bousquet, Rhode Island cartoonist, goes on sale and sells out in just over 1 month.
Quahogs game
November 1990 - The 95 N/S billboards publicizing the "Lotto*America" and "Lot-O-Bucks" jackpots are erected.
Lotto America 1991
September 1991 - 7-Eleven runs a second chance promotion for non-winning Rhode Island Lottery tickets, with the top prize being $10,711.
Powerball 1992
April 1992 - "PowerBall®" replaces "Lotto*America".
June 1992 - Legislation passes allowing Video Lottery Terminals (VLTs), to be operated by the Lottery, at the state's two pari-mutuel facilities – Lincoln Park (now Twin River) and Newport Jai Alai (now Newport Grand).

September 1992 - The monitor game "Keno", with drawings every five (5) minutes, is launched.

Joseph Roy, of Cranston, wins "Keno's" grand prize of $100,000, two days after the game launched. He purchased the ticket at Haxton's Liquor on Elmwood Ave., Providence.

September 1992 - VLTs are installed at Lincoln Park (856) and Newport Jai-Alai (436).
Keno 1993
September 1993 - "Keno's" 1-year anniversary.
Cash Bingo 1994
September 1994 - The Lottery's first $2 Instant Ticket, "Cash Bingo", goes on sale
Rhody Cash 1995
January 1995 - "Rhody Cash" game begins, replacing the "Lot-O-Bucks" game.
Daily Millions 1996
September 1996 - "Daily Millions", a MUSL game, is launched replacing "Rhody Cash".
Powerball 1997
November 1997 - "PowerBall®" starting jackpot changes from $5 million to $10 million. Players can choose either the cash option or annuity payments at the time of purchase.
Roll Down 1998
February 1998 - "Roll Down", a Rhode Island only game is launched, replacing "Daily Millions".
November 1998 - The Lottery's first $5 Instant Ticket, "Winter Wonderland", goes on sale.
25th Anniverary Ticket 1999
March 1999 - The Lottery launches its website
May 1999 - Rhode Island Lottery's 25th Anniversary. The $5 "25th Anniversary" Instant Ticket launches to commemorate the Lottery's 25th year and offers a top prize of $25,000.
Easy Win 2000
March 2000 - Sales begin for "Easy Win" which replaced "Roll Down".
October 2000 - The Lottery's first $3 Instant Ticket, "Word Search", is introduced.
November 2000 - Sales begin for "Money Roll" game, replacing "Easy Win".
Money Roll
Keno Plus 2001
March 2001 - A new multiplier feature, "PowerPlay®", is added to the "PowerBall®" game for an additional dollar per wager.
March 2001 - An ice storm causes the Lottery Headquarters roof to collapse, with everyone getting out safely. Sales were not interrupted, and within one day, relocation of offices was complete; and all services were available at temporary Headquarters in the Abacus Building, located at 1210 Pontiac Avenue in Cranston.
April 2001 - A multiplier feature "Keno Plus" is added to the "Keno" game for an additional dollar per wager.
October 2001 - The Lottery launches its first $10 Instant Ticket, "Rhode Island Holidays".
Roof Collapse
Roof Collapse
Rhode Island Holidays
Wild Money 2002
January 2002 - "Wild Money" game begins replacing the "Money Roll" game.
September 2002 - A new feature, "Instant Match®" is added to the "Numbers" game for an additional dollar on the wager.
September 2002 - Lottery Headquarters officially re-open at 1425 Pontiac Avenue in Cranston.
Instant Match
Numbers Extended play 2003
October 2003 - The "Numbers" "Instant Match," feature is revised to increase ways to win.

Advance play feature of 30, 60, and 90 days is offered on the "Numbers" game.
Hot Trax 2004
May 2004 - A new monitor game, "Hot Trax," is launched with a new "race" every four (4) minutes.
Golden 7's 2005
January 2005 - The Lottery launches its first $7 Instant Ticket, "Golden 7s".
April 2005 - The Lottery Launches a redesigned website and creates a VIP Club for players.
Rhody Poker 2006
September 2006 - A new monitor game, "Rhody Poker" replaces "Hot Trax". The card-themed game costs $2 per "hand".
November 2006 - The Lottery launches its first $20 Instant Ticket, "Quarter of a Mil".
Quarter of a Mil
Keno Free Ride 2007
January 2007 - The first interactive game, SUDOKU, is offered on the Rhode Island Lottery's website as a free online version of the game to play for fun, to promote the "SUDOKU" Instant Game.
Keno Free Ride 2008
March 2008 - A progressive jackpot feature "Keno Free Ride" is added to the "Keno" game at no additional cost per wager.
April 2008 - The Lottery moves the filming of its live televised drawings of the "Numbers" and "Wild Money" games to a new television studio in Twin River, with WPRI-TV continuing to air the drawings.
October 2008 - The "Rhody Poker" monitor game ends.
October 2008 - The Lottery launches its first raffle-type game, "Million Dollar Raffle". This $20 ticket is on sale for limited time, with a limited number of tickets available, and the live Grand Drawing taking place on New Year's Eve.
Million Dollar Raffle
Broccolis winners
35th Anniversary Ticket 2009
July 2009 - Sales start for the $5 "35th Anniversary" Instant Ticket, with a top prize of $35,000.
Mega Millions Megaplier 2010
January 2010 - The Lottery joins with other MUSL states in selling the "Mega Millions®/Megaplier®" game.
Multi Chance Keno 2011
March 2011 - "Keno Free Ride" ends.
April 2011 - A new feature, "Multi Chance Keno" is added to "Keno" for an additional dollar per wager.
September 2011 - The Lottery launches a second-chance drawing program on called "Rhody Replay", allowing players to enter non-winning Lottery tickets for prizes.
Rhody Replay
Powerball ticket 2012
January 2012 - A revised "PowerBall®/PowerPlay®" game goes on sale, with a new base wager of $2, higher jackpots, better odds, and the "PowerPlay®" feature changing from a multiplier to set prize amounts.
February 2012 - Rhode Island Lottery sells $336 million winning "PowerBall®" ticket.
March 2012 - The Lottery, in conjunction with the other New England states, launches a new $2 game, "Lucky for Life®", with a top prize of $1,000 a day for life.
October 2012 - New monitor game, Bingo, is introduced with a top prize of $100,000.
November 2012 - A referendum passes both in the Town of Lincoln and statewide approving adding "Table Games" in Twin River to be operated by the Lottery. The referendum failed in the City of Newport.
Lucky for Life
$1,000,000 Scratch 2013
May 2013 - Lottery hires more than 30 employees to meet statutory requirements of operating the "Table Games."
June 2013 - Live "Table Games" open at Twin River.
June 2013 - The fiscal year ended with a total transfer of $379,224,717 to the State's General Fund.
September 2013 - The "Lucky for Life®" game offers a second lifetime prize of $25,000 a year for life.
October 2013 - The "Mega Millions®/Megaplier®" game changes, offering higher starting jackpots, and the "Megaplier®" feature offering a chance to win up to $5,000,000.
December 2013 - The Lottery launches its first Instant Ticket offering a $1,000,000 top prize. This $20 ticket is "Million Dollar Scratch".
Power Play is back 2014
January 2014 - The "PowerPlay®" feature on the "PowerBall®" game changes from set prizes and returns to a multiplier.
January 2014 - The Lottery begins its 40th Anniversary year, with "Lots to Celebrate", including four 40th Anniverary Instant Games.
May 2014 - Lottery players are able to play their favorite numbers twice a day, with a new Midday Drawing at 1:30 pm every day for The Numbers game.
Rhode Island Lottery 40th Annivsary
40th Anniversary Instant Games
Lucky for Life 2015
January 2015 - Lucky for Life game changes offering improved odds and higher prizes.
September 2015 - The lottery launches its first official mobile app allowing players to scan tickets from their phone to find out if they've won or not.
October 2015 - PowerBall matrix changes and the PowerPlay feature returns to a random multiplier with the addition of a 10X for jackpots $150 million or less.
RI Lottery Mobile Application
Powerball PowerPlay
RI Lottery Mobile Application 2017
July 30, 2017 - Multi Chance Keno ends and Keno Overtime begins. For double the base wager, players get the chance to match an extra set of 10 numbers drawn to win additional prizes.


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