RI Lottery “Rhody Replay” Rules


General Promotion Information

The Rhode Island Lottery (RIL) Rhody Replay Promotion is a program offering players a second chance to win prizes with RIL qualifying tickets. A player must be registered for the RIL VIP Club in order to participate in the Rhody Replay Promotion.  The player can then enter the qualifying RIL tickets into the Rhody Replay Promotion to earn drawing entries – 1 entry per qualifying ticket.

  1. By submitting a Rhody Replay entry, an entrant is bound by the official rules of Rhody Replay and the RIL.
  2. RIL may use, without limitation, a winner’s name, hometown, likeness, and/or voice in any promotions, research, marketing, publications, or other advertising media including, but not limited to, RIL Website without compensation or additional release.


  1. Players must be at least eighteen (18) years old to participate.
  2. RIL employees as well as their family members living in the same household, or any other person ineligible to purchase RIL tickets pursuant to laws, rules, regulations and policies of RIL are not eligible to submit Rhody Replay entries.

Eligible Games

  1. An eligible Rhody Replay entry ticket is any RIL ticket listed on the entry page for each promotion of the Rhody Replay Website.
  2. Tickets are not eligible following the posted final entry deadline for that game.

Prizes and Odds

  1. The odds of winning a prize in Rhody Replay depend upon the number of entries submitted for each associated drawing.
  2. All prizes must be claimed at RIL, 1425 Pontiac Ave., Cranston, RI 02920.
  3. In order to claim a prize, a player must provide a valid government issued photo ID, the winning ticket that was entered, and complete the necessary prize claim forms.
  4. Merchandise prizes cannot be redeemed for cash unless otherwise authorized by the RIL.
  5. Prizes are non-transferrable and non-refundable.
  6. Prizes may be subject to State and Federal taxes.
  7. A prize shall be awarded to the player and address that corresponds with the account that won the prize.
  8. RIL must be able to contact entrant within the specified timeframe indicated for each promotion.  If contact cannot be made, the RIL reserves the right to disqualify the entrant and use an alternate.
  9. A prize must be claimed within the timeframe indicated for each promotion.

Player Registration

  1. To access Rhody Replay a player must first register for an account in the RIL VIP Club by clicking the “Join our VIP Club” link on the Website.
  2. Registration and participation in Rhody Replay are provided as free services to RIL players.
  3. Registration is a one-time process. Once registered, a player will be able to log in to submit a Rhody Replay entry or participate in other Internet services that may be provided from time to time.
  4. Required sections on the player registration form include age verification, unique e-mail address and password, and contact information.
  5. Failure to fully provide required information will cause a player’s request to register to be rejected.
  6. RIL assumes no responsibility for incorrect information provided by a player on the registration form. After completing the registration, a player is responsible for updating account information as needed by logging in and going to his or her account page.
  7. A player may have no more than one (1) account. A player is not permitted to create additional accounts in the event that his or her e-mail or other relevant information changes. The player may log in with his or her existing account credentials and make any desired changes at any time.
  8. A player may cancel his or her account at any time by logging in and clicking on the “Delete Account” option at the bottom of the “User Preferences” page. Upon cancellation, any active entries for upcoming second-chance drawings will no longer be eligible.

Submitting Entries

  1. The Lottery shall not accept entries submitted by any method other than the internet.
  2. To submit a Rhody Replay entry, a player must first log in to the Website using his or her unique account information.
  3. Once logged in, a player submits an entry according to the instructions on the entry page for each promotion.
  4. A list of previously submitted entries is available from the entry page of each promotion.
  5. An eligible ticket may be submitted one (1) time only. The entry system will reject an entry that has been submitted previously.
  6. After an entry has been accepted, the player MUST retain the ticket entered and present at the Lottery in order to claim a prize.
  7. Each entry deadline will be posted on the Rhody Replay Website.


  1. The number of winners will vary for each promotion, but each individual promotion will have prize information, deadlines, and rules provided.
  2. RIL shall contact the winner by telephone and/or email using the winner’s Rhody Replay registered contact information. The winner’s name and hometown will be listed on the Website.
  3. Draw dates and entry deadlines are subject to change or RIL will attempt to post all changes to entry deadlines and drawing dates on the Website.


  1. Limit of one prize per person, per household, per drawing, unless otherwise specified for individual promotion.
  2. RIL reserves the right to qualify winners at the time of the draw and select alternate entries if necessary as determined by the RIL.


  1. RIL reserves the right to cancel the Rhody Replay program or any feature of the program.
  2. The RIL reserves the right to change and supersede any outlined procedures to handle unforeseen circumstances.
  3. Entrants are solely responsible for maintaining and keeping account information current and accurate. RIL assumes no responsibility or liability whatsoever for technical or computer malfunctions or for player’s failure to keep account information current.
    This website, www.RILot.com, is an official website of the Rhode Island Lottery. It is UNLAWFUL for anyone under the age of 18 to play the Lottery. The Rhode Island Lottery reserves the right to qualify winners at the time of the draw and select alternate entries if necessary. ©2016 Rhode Island Lottery. All Rights Reserved. Any and all use of content, logos and/or other features of this website are prohibited without the written consent of the Rhode Island Lottery.