40 Winners, 40 Days - Winners

Draw #
Winner Name & Hometown
1 Cheryl Maggiacomo, Cranston
2 Amanda Capron, West Warwick
3 Tenley Locke, Exeter
4 Lisa Golding, Cranston
5 Sandra Bryson, Central Falls
6 Thomas Dooley, Pawtucket
7 Elaine Swift, Warwick
8 Linda Bisaillon, Hope Valley
9 Teresa Viccione, North Providence
10 John Crowther, Warwick
11 Amanda Maybeck, Narragansett
12 Dawn Brown, West Warwick
13 Louise Drumm, Warwick
14 Rosita Harwood, Cranston
15 Denise Lambert, Woonsocket
16 Roberta Miller, Pawtucket
17 James Altomari, Charlestown
18 Elizabeth Grenier, Pawtucket
19 Michael Pellegrino Jr., Pawtucket
20 Kristen Murphy, Cumberland
21 Anthony Hall, Providence
22 James Scarpetti, Pawtucket
23 Andre Cournoyer, Warwick
24 Silvia Bennett, Warren
25 Stephanie Rumbarger, West Greenwich
26 Kristy Creighton, North Smithfield
27 Holly Marasco, East Providence
28 Susan Giles, Coventry
29 Robert Francis, Warwick
30 Gail Davidson, Warwick
31 Lisa Jorgensen, Warwick
32 Judy Gravel, Foster
33 Gina Monti, Coventry
34 Stephen Cote, Cranston
35 John Rogers, Rumford
36 Dorothy Fernandez, New Rochelle, NY
37 Pamela Gould, Middletown
38 Rose Cote, Warren
39 Sean Higgins, Pawtucket
40 Audrey Manfredi Dutra, Johnston
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